Video gallery

V-01|Primary endoscopic intramural ureter approach using bipolar plasma vaporization during nephroureterectomy – A novel alteration of the “pluck” technique
V-02 | Improving the diagnosis of upper urinary tract tumors: NBI technology
V-03 | Transurethral enucleation of prostate using button electrode (TUEP-B): video
V-04 | Robotic flexible ureterorenoscopy for the treatment of kidney stones
V-05 | The percutaneous approach to tumors of the intrarenal collecting system
V-06 | Digital ureteroscopy for hydrocalyx with obstructed infundibulum and multiple calculi
V-07 | TUR-BT en bloc resection
V-10 | Strippers, Scissors and Laser Fiber Tips
V-09 | Lithotripsy: clinical effects of the different settings of the Holmium laser