Butterfly Medical

Butterfly Medical is a start-up company developing a prostatic retraction device for the treatment of BPH symptoms.
The Butterfly Prostatic Retraction Device is delivered in minutes, under local anesthesia, using a flexible cystoscope, providing immediate relief.
Once deployed, the Butterfly implant locks itself against the bladder-neck and the prostate lobes, preventing migration of the implant without the need of any extensions outside the prostate.
The Butterfly implant is designed to fit the anatomy of the prostate, with all of the ribs in full contact with the prostate tissue. Mucosa tissue coverage of the implant is expected within a few months.
The company initiated pilot clinical trials with very promising initial results.
The Butterfly Prostatic Retraction Device is an ideal treatment for younger patients as it does not affect the bladder neck and therefore the risk for retrograde ejaculation is very low.
The Butterfly implant is designed as a permanent implant, though can be easily retracted if needed, making it a fully reversible treatment.