Pierre Conort studied medicine at the universities of Paris, graduating in 1985. Then he has been a member of the staff of the Department of Urology of Pitie-Salpetriere Academic Hospital in Paris, and Professeur of the Medical College of Paris Hospitals in 2003.

He was elected member of the French Academy of Surgery in 2001. He was graduated in urological oncology in 2002. He is a member of national and international urological associations.

He has been involved in the field of endo-urology for stone disease management: he is the past chairman of the Lithiasis Committee of the French Urological Association and of the College of the French Urological Association.

In the field of urological oncology his interests include photodynamic detection of bladder cancer since 1992. He was the principal investigator of many national and international oncological studies, specifically on bladder cancer markers and on Hexvix® in the PCB301/01 study. He was a member of the French Board for PDD of BC since 2007.

He has published nearly 100 of peer-reviewed articles. He is co-author with Eva Comperat in a review article on Fluorescence diagnosis and flat lesions of urothelium in the issue of Oncology Reports published on April 2009.