We strive for perfection and are committed to improving the quality of life for the patient by providing innovative solutions that deliver proven treatment outcomes
Market leader in Endoscopic Lithotripsy, EMS shapes history and future of stone management.

EMS sets industrial standards by developing devices of unequalled efficacy and reliability: the Swiss LithoClast® principle is today's most commonly used rigid endoscopic stone treatment method.
Its proven safety and its success rates make it also the most efficient and cost effective modality.

EMS provides the solution for all stones:
Swiss LithoClast® Master performs combined ultrasonic and pneumatic lithotripsy and assures ultrafast clearance time for large stones in the kidney and bladder
Swiss LithoClast® and Swiss LithoBreaker® for the fragmentation of even the hardest stones in the urinary tract.
Swiss LaserClast® Holmium laser for effective stone and tissue treatments with innovative pulse duration modulation.