DATE OF BIRTH: 22 November 1964
LANGUAGES: Arabic: Native - French: Excellent - English: Intermediate
Information Technology Skills: MS Office
OTHER SKILLS: Business Management
INTERESTS: Medical Publications Sports

  • 1982-1988  College of Medicine, Constantine, Algeria
  • 1990-1995  Student  resident  in  urology  at  Ibn-Rochd  Department  of  Urology,  University Hospital, Annaba, Algeria
  • June 1988  Medical Doctorate  Algeria
  • June 1995  Physician Specialist in Urology, Algeria
  • 1995-1996  Clinical Head of the Urology Department, Sétif University Hospital  Centre, Algeria
  • 1998-2015  Private Urologist, Sétif  Algeria
  • Mar 2001,  Founder and Member of the Algerian Association of Urology (AAU), Algeria
  • 2005-2009,  Clinical head of my own surgical clinic in Setif (Clinique Les Pins) specializing in the clinical practice of ureteroscopy and shock  waves lithotripsy, Algeria
  • Apr 2009, Founder of the first National urolithiasis Committee of the Algerian Association of Urology (AAU), Algeria
  • Mar 2012, Realisation of the National Patient Record File of Ureteroscopy, Algeria
  • 2009-2013, Chairman  of  the  National  urolithiasis  Committee  of  the  Algerian Association of Urology (AAU), Algeria
  • Mar 2014, Active European Association of Urology EAU International Membership, Netherlands
  • Sept 2016, Chairman of the Algerian Community of Endourology and Laparoscopic Surgery “ A C E L A S “, Algeria
  • Dec 2016, EULIS Member
  • Dec 2011,  Price of the best poster: Lithiase Urinaire, Iconographie et Diététique, Algeria
  • Mar 2012, Organization of the “First National Day of Endourology: Ureteroscopy”, Algeria
  • July 2013, Ureteroscopy (Flexible LASER) at Tenon Hospital, Paris, France
  • April 2014, ESU Course: Flexible Ureteroscopy and Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery, Stockholm , Sweden
  • May 2014, Forum d’échange sur le Cancer de la prostate et de la vessie, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Dec 2011, Seventh National Congress of the Algerian Association of Urology: Lithiase Urinaire, Iconographie et Diététique. Algiers, Algeria
  • Mar 2012, First day of Endourologie: Ureteroscopie, rencontre et attitude. Sétif, Algeria
  • Apr  2013  24th World Congress on Video-urology: Flexible ureteroscopy LASER: An Algerian first experience. Medical School, Casablanca, Morocco
  • June 2013, Third International Meeting: Challenges in endourology. My very first fifty-ureteroscopy interventions: State of the art. Paris, France
  • July 2013, First International Congress: Clinical topics in urology: Lithiasis from A to Z, Athens, Greece
    Flexible Ureteroscopy LASER: An Algerian first experience.
    My very first fifty-ureteroscopy interventions: State of the art.,
  • Nov 2013,  SUI UK Section Meeting: Stones, Shocks & Scopes, London, England 
    The status of ureteroscopy in Algeria: Is it a common practice or commitment to endourological advancement?
    The ureteral calculi in Algeria: Ureteroscopy versus expulsive therapy: A behaviour or a therapeutic choice?
  • Feb 2014, First Winter Week-end on New Debate in urology. Ureteral calculi in Algeria: Ureteroscopy versus MET: Behaviour or therapeutic choice?, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Mar, 2014, Jounée Urolithiase de l’AAU Annaba. Ureteral calculi in Algeria: Chronological advancement, Annaba, Algeria
  • May 2014,  XIV National Congress of the Algerian Society of Urological Surgery SACU: La Lithiase Urétérale en Algérie: Evidence ou Choix Thérapeutique?, Constantine, Algeria
  • June 2014,  Fourth International Meeting: Challenges in endourology: “Ureteral calculi management: A therapeutic spectrum for an Algerian complex reality”, Paris, France
  • June 2014, Third Mediterranean and Gulf Urological Forum Annual Conference: Are there any role for open stone surgery in 2014?”, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Sept 2014, The 8th Congress of the Lebanese Urology Society & The 4th FASULF 2014: L’urétéroscopie souple peut-elle remplacer la NLPC?, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Oct 2014, EAU 10th South Eastern European Meeting: Ureteral calculi in Algeria. The urologist, therapeutic advancement or  the patient: Who will get the last word?, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Dec 2014, 2nd “Experts in Stone Diseases” Conference ESD jointly with the 4th Biennial Meeting of the SAES. December 10-13 Stone Diseases in Algeria: URS replaces slowly open surgery, Cape Town, South Africa
  • April 2015, Mediterranean & Gulf Urological Forum. April 16-17. Managing Impacted Ureteral calculi Larger than 2 cm, Alexandria, Egypt
  • June 2015, Débat Amical et scientifique en Urologie des Laboratoires Dar Al Dawa. 1-5 Juin, Saint Pétersbourg, Russia
    Entreprendre une Urétéroscopie en 2015 en Algérie : Etat des  Lieux & perspectives.
    Cas Cliniques: Situations Difficiles en Urétéroscopie.
  • June 2015, Journées Urologiques Nationales d’Annaba (JUNA) 12-13 Juin., Algeria
    Management of the Impacted Ureteral Calculi: A personal experience, Annaba
  • June 2015, Challenges in Endourology & Functional Urology. June 28-30. Paris, France
    Ureteroscopic Manipulations instigating the Tunnel Technique: The treatment of Impacted Ureteral Stones Larger than 2cm.
  • Sept 2015, 3rd Meeting of the EAU Section of Urolithiasis: EULIS15. 10-12 September, Alicante, Spain
    The Treatment of Impacted Ureteral Stones Larger than 3cm: Instigating  the Tunnel Technique.
  • Oct 2015, 45ème journeés médico-chirurgicales de l ANP, 21-22 Octobre, Algeria
    Que Reste t-il du Traitement Chirurgical de la Lithiase Urinaire en 2015?
  • Dec 2015, 4th Istanbul Urolithiasis Days, 4-5 December, Turkey
    Face to face with an impacted ureteral calculi larger than 2 cm: what to do?
  • Dec 2015,  5ème Congress Maghrebin d ‘Urologie & 11ème Congrès National D’Urologie, 11-12 Décembre, Alger, Algeria
    Qu en est-il de la Prise En Charge Chirurgicale De La Lithiase Urinaire En 2015 ?
  • April 2016, 17ème Journées médico-chirurgicales internationales ,28-29-30, Algeria
    Eulma Sétif : qu’en est il de la prise en charge urologique de la lithiase urinaire En 2016 ?
  • May 2016, Challenges in Endourology & Functional Urology. 29-31, Paris, France
    A three-year single centre experience in ureteroscopy-laser.
  • Oct 2016,  XVI Congrès National de la Société Tunisienne d‘Urologie.21-22-23, Tunisia
  • Oct 2016, Hammamet.Tunisie: Prise en charge de la lithiase rénale Par NLPC à Sétif
  • Nov 2016, 13th Conference of Arab association of urology & the 5th scientifique Conference of Sudanese urological association. 3-6 November 2016, Khartoum, Sudan: laser energy for stones management, do we need it ?

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