Department of Urology
University Medical Center Freiburg

Born April 25, 1983 in Sandomierz, Poland

Habilitation in Urology, 2014 University of Freiburg, Germany
FEBU, 2013 European Board of Urology, Brussels, Netherlands
PhD in Medicine, 2012 University of Freiburg, Germany
MD, 2007 Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Professional experience
University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany
2015– Maximilia Nitze Award (highest scientific honour of the German Association of Urology)
2007–present: physician & researcher at the Department of Urology
2014–present: Director of the “Division of Urotechnology”
Fraunhofer Institut for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM Freiburg, Germany
2012–present: researcher
Ferdinand Eisenberger Grant of the German Association of Urology
Royal London Hospital London, United Kingdom
2013-2014: clinical fellow & researcher, Department for Endourology & Stone Services EUSP Scholarship of the European Association of Urology
University Hospital Patras, Greece
2011: clinical visit
IRCAD (Research Institute against Digestive Cancer) Strasbourg, France
2010: clinical visit
AMC Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010: clinical visit
Tenon Hospital Paris, France
2010: clinical visit
University Hospital Toulouse, France
2009: clinical visit

Miernik publications
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