Richard Wolf GmbH is a mid-sized medical technology company based in Germany. It supplies a broad spectrum of products and solutions for endoscopy.

We proudly present our latest product highlights in urology:

  • The MAMBA flexible Sensor Cystoscope for ENDOCAM Logic HD
    A cystoscope with an extremely thin, flexible outer sheath for more patient comfort and excellent image quality. 6 Special Imaging Modes (SIM) can be used to improve tissue differentiation, lighten critical areas of anatomy or improve the view in overexposed areas.
  • The ENDOCAM Logic 4K
    An energy-efficient, optimally tuned system with 4K UHD resolution, SIM, authentic data collection and an improved ergonomic design of the camera head offers the new definition of sharp.
  • The MegaPulse 70 Watt Holmium:YAG Laser
    The powerful interdisciplinary laser offers lithotripsy and enucleation with just one laser unit. Other features are the unique special tapered laser fiber for higher output performance, the automatic fiber detection, a big 12” touchscreen and a two pedal footswitch.
  • System blue - The new "blue" Standard for Photodynamic Diagnostics (PDD)
    We have advanced our system for Photodynamic Diagnostics (PDD). System blue means that the development of PDD has now reached a new level of quality – allow yourself to be impressed by the "blue" standard and "become more visible".
  • Bipolar Enucleation Electrode
    Therapy for benign enlargement of the prostate has been increasingly moving in the direction of transurethral endoscopic enucleation. We have developed a special electrode for this purpose in order to meet all requirements of bipolar enucleation.