LISA Laser Products GmbH

Competence in surgical laser since 1989

LISA Laser Products GmbH has been founded 1989 in Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany.

Since then the company is the trendsetter in surgical laser systems.

The core competence of LISA laser products is in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of lasers at 2 μm wavelength like Holmium and Thulium lasers.

Especially in the field of urology, LISA lasers and complementary products including laser fibres, endoscopes and accessories have become an important therapy modality.

LISA Laser Products owns the longest experience in Holmium lasers in the industry dating back to the scientific work of its founders who did grow and lase the Holmium YAG crystal first
worldwide. LISA Laser Products also developed and introduced the Thulium YAG laser for soft tissue surgery.

The stimulus for continuous product research and development at LISA Laser Products is the optimization of minimally invasive and endoscopic surgical laser procedures - to the benefit of
patients and customers.

Product and application development are conducted in close cooperation with leading international researchers, research centres and professional associations.

Products are sold and serviced worldwide through a network of more than 70 dedicated sales organizations. Worldwide service, technical and clinical training is provided to medical
specialists and partners. Mutual reliance, long lasting and trustful cooperation with distributors and customers is the core of the LISA company policy.

As of August 29, 2018 LISA Laser Products GmbH merged with OmniGuide Inc., a leader in patient-safety focused advanced surgical energy tools based in Massachusetts, United States
of America.