Professor on urology

Professional, self-driven, disciplined, highly organized professor on urology with more than 24  years of progressively experience in Urology;
More than 160 publications and 80 technical videos on “youtube”
Price on the Research of the Medical School of Casablanca, 2011
Author the first book on the Retroperitoneal laparoscopic treatment of the renal hydatic cyst, 2013.
Award of the knowledge on endourology by Storz Company, 2013


  • From Juiy 2016: Professor IN urology At mohammed  VI Casablanca University
  • From July 2016: Member of scientific Commity
  • From July 2016: Member of pedagogic Commity
  • From July 2016: Director of urology trainning At the international simulation center
  • From April 2016: Director of sexuel healt center
  • From April 2016: Director of international Prostate center
  • From Dec 2015: director of oncology-urology degree at the Casablanca Medical School;
  • From July 2015: HEAD of the urology department, University cheik Khalifa hospital
  • 2013-2015: Head of Department of Uro-Nephrology at University Hassan II in Casablanca
  • 2011-2012:  invited Professor at the University of Paris Creteil in France.
  • Since  2010: chief of Research laboratory of  minimally invasive surgery, University Hassan II Casablanca 

  • Since 2008: Professor of Urology of high education with the CHU Ibn Rushd.
  • Head of Department of Uro-Nephrology at Hassan II University in Casablanca
  • Since 2006: Coordinator of urology laboratory on minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, Faculty of Medicine of Casablanca
  • 2004-2008: Associate Professor of Urology, CHU Ibn Rushd and Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Casablanca
  • 2000-2004: Assistant Professor of Urology, CHU Ibn Rushd of Casablanca 

  • 1999-2000: resident in urology department within the CHU Henri Mondor Creteil University, Paris 

  • 1992-1994: Resident in Urology CHU Ibn Rushd of Casablanca 

  • Diploma of minimally invasive laparoscopic urologic surgery at the University of Créteil, Paris
  • 1994: PhD in medicine 

  • 1996-2000: Head of Clinic in the Urology, CHU Ibn Rushd of Casablanca.

Experience & realizations:

  • Urologist Surgeon expert appointed in court
  • Certified Urologist Physician from National Order
  • Professor of Medicine, Casablanca Medical School
  • National Delegate of the International Society of Urology
  • Consultant in clinical trials in urology in San Diago, California, USA since 2009
  • Urology Coordinator hospital Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed, Casablanca
  • President of the Moroccan Association of endo urology, since 2012
  • Head of endo-urology department, CHU Ibn Rushd of Casablanca
  • Director and founder of the Moroccan Journal of Urology (1 Urology newspaper published in Morocco)
  • President of the local organizing committee of the conference "The International Urology Society Meeting in Marrakech, 2010"
  • President of the 24 "World Congress of video urology", April 2013, Casablanca
  • President of the "International 4th meeting were new debate in urology," March 2016, Ifrane
  • President of the "International 3rd meeting were new debate in urology," March 2015, Ifrane
  • President of the "first winter weekend is new debate in urology," February 2014, Ifrane
  • President Of "3rd congress of Mediterranean and Golf Urological Forum" in June 2014, Casablanca
  • The introduction of the penile prosthesis technique for refractory erectile dysfunction, in June 2010, the urology department, Ibn Rushd Chu.
  • Innovation and introduction of the vaporization of the prostate with Greenlight laser, in October 2010, CHU Ibn Rushd, Casablanca
  • Innovation And introduction of 3D technology of laparoscopy, in April 2015, CHU Ibn Rushd, Casablanca
  • Innovation And introduction of technical vaporesection prostate by TURIS system, in August 2015, Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, Casablanca
Surgical caravans:
  • From 1 to 8 November 2015: Surgical  endourological  Saharian caravan
  • Medco-surgical caravan in  Ifrane-Azrou in collaboration with Al Akhawayn University (2015 &2014)